Actoprobe Awarded DOE Phases I and II SBIR contract to develop Active AFM Optical Probe (AAOP)

On July 25, 2017, Actoprobe was awarded a $1,150,000 Department of Energy (DOE) SBIR grant to develop Active AFM Optical Probe (AAOP). Actoprobe’s patented AAOP technology enables convenient, fast, and affordable single-molecule spectroscopy and microscopy for scientific and industrial research needs.

Our Ultrafast Pulsed Atomic Force Microscopy Optical Probe (UFP AAOP), will be a novel class of probes for Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) that will enhance characterization capabilities at the nanoscale. As envisioned, these unique optical probes will perform the functions of conventional Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) probes, and in addition, will simultaneously provide information about chemical properties of the specimen at the nanoscale together with time-resolved spectroscopy.

Our AAOP will be applied to measure structural and chemical properties of the samples with nanometer precision in a wide variety of applications such as nanomanipulation, biophysical probing, nanomechanics, nanoelectronics, and metrology.The AAOP technology will improve the scheme of light delivery to the nanoscale by making it more efficient, robust, and cost-effective.

Interested parties can access and download the Phase I report: Download Actoprobe DOE – Phase I Report.pdf.

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