Non-destructive Chemical, Morphological, and Electrical Characterization of FPA Pixel Sidewalls

DISTRIBUTION (A): DISTRIBUTION IS AUTHORIZED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE-UNLIMITED Actoprobe’s envisioned product for the Army is based on scanning probe microscopy (SPM) with novel optical AFM probes and optical characterization techniques such as Raman (including TERS), photoluminescence spectroscopy, and electrical characterization techniques including capacitance-voltage measurements (CV).

This technology is especially important for the Army scientists who are conducting infrared focal plane array (FPA) testing and development. Military applications of this technology include wide area coverage for situational awareness, persistent surveillance and plume/gun flash detection, infrared search, identification and tracking, missile detection and interception, and hyper-spectral imaging

Actoprobe has received a $1,1 million Phases I and II project grants from the US Department of Defense (DOD) to develop a Confocal Raman SPM (TERS) instrument with special high aspect ratio AFM probes and a unique AFM Active Optical Probe (AAOP) for FPA testing and other applications.

Actoprobe is committed to successful transition of SBIR-developed technologies to meet important needs of defense, aerospace or other sponsoring agencies in FPA testing. To meet this goal, we are planning to forge R&D and/or licensing partnerships with larger military equipment providers and commercial companies.