ACTO-S - Confocal Microscope​

ACTO-S – confocal microscope for your AFM to do Scanning Probe Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Optical Spectroscopy, Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) and much more!

You can use ACTO-S for:

ACTO-S compatible with most AFMs and the price starts from 18K.

Optical Schematic


  • Optical resolution – up to 250nm,
  • Weight – 1kg to 3 kg,
  • Optical Mechanical stability – better than 200nm,
  • Spectral range – from 350nm to 2000nm.

ACTO-S includes:

      • Optical confocal microscope unit;
      • Digital camera (CMOS);
      • Fiber Optic Illuminator (30W)
      • Green Laser (532nm, 20mW);
      • CCD-based spectrometer (350nm-1050nm)
      • Essential software
      • You could apply your own x, y, z, stages and use it with your own lasers and optical spectrometers.


ACTO-S integration with Autoprobe CP AFM